Bozeman MT

Visit Bozeman Montana on your next trip to the west. Summer or winter, no matter the season this destination has a wide variety of activities and attractions to explore and enjoy. Take in the magnificence and beauty of Montana from the deck of any of our well-equipped vacation rentals, the view will be sure to whisk you away! If you're in search of rest and relaxation our mountain rentals will provide just that and so much more.

Planning Made Easy

Interested in visiting the Bozeman area of Montana? We have all you need in one place to start planning the ultimate vacation. Browse our resources to get started! If you need additional assistance please contact Stay Montana, we are happy to assist you.

Bozeman Weather

Bozeman is at the confluence of many geographical features. The Bridger Mountains, Tobacco Root Mountains, Big Belt Mountain, Horseshoe Hills and much more all surround this beautiful area. With warm summers and typically cold, snowy winters Bozeman gives way to lush vegetation. Day to night temperature changes can be significant.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average High 35 38 47 56 65 73 83 82 72 58 43 33
Average Low 14 17 24 30 38 44 50 48 40 32 21 12

Traveling to Bozeman

There are many options when traveling to Bozeman. From regional airports to ground transportation, you'll get exactly where you need to go. If you need assistance arranging transportation be sure to contact our office for guidance.

There are over 15 direct flights to Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. Carriers include Delta, American Airlines, Alaska, United/United Express, Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Airlines. 
If you are considering driving be sure you have your vacation rentals exact address, contact us for more information. Or come visit us at the office, we can't wait to meet you!
Airport Shuttle, Uber, and rental car options are available from Bozeman Airport. Rental cars are recommended. Or check out our local shuttle service, Streamline Bus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below find our most frequently asked questions about Bozeman. Find more information on surrounding areas here.