We asked Ted some fun questions to get to know him better!

  • Where was the best vacation you ever took? LA, Santa Monica. I proposed to my wife at the Pier!
  • What do you think is the most important thing in a home for a guest? That the internet is working, so guests can log on and see all the great sites and things to do around each of our units.
  • If you could cook dinner for a celebrity in one of our vacation homes, who would it be and where? I would cook for Bono, and it would be in Cowboy Heaven up in Big Sky. Beautiful home, great views and a big spacious kitchen perfect for entertaining.
  • When you make a bed, hospital corners or no hospital corners? No to the hospital corners but it does need to look clean and professional.
  • What’s your preference, vacation rental, hotel, RV, or tent? RV! Nothing better than finding a secluded spot and making it home for a night of staring at the stars.
  • If you were exploring Montana with Lewis and Clark, what was your favorite place? The Lewis and Clark Caverns. When you visit our neck of the woods it’s a must on the to-do list of family activities.
  • What is your favorite season? Summer, sunglasses, flip flops and shorts season is my favorite!
  • Favorite sports team? LA Dodgers
  • What was the most fun you had during the Covid-19 shut down? Building a staircase to my trampoline for my son’s woodworking class.
  • Favorite book or movie character of all time? Luke Skywalker.
  • Are you loyal to any brand? If yes why? Eddie Bauer, great quality clothes and its always on sale!

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