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Madison Valley & Ennis Montana Vacation Guide

Visit Ennis Montana to be surrounded on all sides by stunning mountain ranges. Amazing mountain views, spectacular trout fishing, and cowboy culture are just a few reasons to visit the Madison River Valley and Ennis. Outdoor lovers will be in paradise in this true western Montana town! If you’re in search of adventure, or rest and relaxation our Madison Valley-Ennis vacation rentals are the perfect home base.

Plan Your Visit to Madison Valley-Ennis

Interested in visiting the Madison Valley area of Montana? Want to enjoy the "Backroad to Yellowstone"? A rural and scenic section of Southwestern Montana just an hour or so north of West Yellowstone, Ennis is the perfect vacation destination. Our Ennis area guide is the perfect place to start planning your ultimate Montana vacation with the authentic appeal this region of the west is famous for. If you need additional assistance please contact our team, we are happy to help!

Madison River Valley Fly Fishing

Experience Montana fly fishing at it’s best in the famed Madison River Valley just North of Ennis. Anyone seeking the diverse adventures of fly fishing in Southwest Montana will want to include a visit to this fishing hub. But what makes Ennis and the Madison Valley such a fishing paradise is that there isn’t just one great fishing river, but there are 6 fantastic rivers and 3 major lakes.

These lakes (Hebgen, Ennis, and Quake) are full of angling opportunities; nearby and easily accessible to guests who stay in Ennis. We’ve compiled a list of the top rivers and streams for fishing enthusiasts in and around Ennis and the Madison River Valley.

Rivers Near Madison Valley and Ennis

  • The Madison River

    Known for its amazing salmon fly hatch and great hopper fishing, the Madison River is recognized as one of the World’s best trout streams. Of all the rivers in the area, the Madison consistently offers exceptional angling whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner to the sport. Good for floating or wading, there are lots of reasons to make a fishing trip to Madison Valley, MT.

  • The Yellowstone River

    With over 300 miles of fishable waters, the Yellowstone River is considered the longest-running undammed trout stream on earth. This river offers excellent cutthroat and rainbow fishing, great hatches, and the chance to wade or float.

  • The Beaverhead River

    The Beaverhead River offers great opportunities for trophy brown trout for those willing to put in the effort, Its small size, undercut banks and notably finicky fish pose a lot of challenges and make it less than ideal for the beginner fisherman.

  • The Big Hole River

    A “classic” western trout stream, great for wading, with lots of drop-offs, gravel bars, and fish-holding structure. Boats can be used and are often beneficial for gaining more difficult access. Known primarily as a brown trout fishery, this river also holds arctic graylings and offers the best opportunity to snag one of all the area rivers.

  • The Ruby River

    This wade only river provides a multitude of angling challenges including narrow channels, bushy banks and undercut river edges. Due to its challenging terrain, the Ruby is not fished as much as other area rivers. The reward for the effort can be beautiful brown trout and a peaceful fishing adventure.

  • The Gallatin River

    This river offers great scenery and traditional western trout fishing. It is a wade only river with lots of access points.

When to Visit Ennis and Madison Valley

Ennis is surrounded by many natural features. The Madison Range, Tobacco Root Mountains, Gavelly Range, and much more all surround this beautiful Montana town. Summers are usually warm, but not too hot. Winters can see a lot of snow and can be a great season for fishing. Day to night temperatures can change quite a bit, so it is important to bring layers!

Ennis vacations are great in all season! During the summer months, there are endless options for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, biking, and kayaking. As the snow melts in Spring, the Madison Valley is filled with blooming wildflowers.  Fall is an ideal time to visit Ennis as area temperatures begin to cool down and the leaves begin to light up the valley with their bright yellows, oranges, and reds.

Of course, the area is popular in winter too! Ennis is close to great skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. Yellowstone National Park and Norris hot springs are a treat in all seasons. Learn more about all of the fun things to do in Ennis and plan your trip in your favorite season!

Traveling to Ennis Montana

There are many options when traveling to Bozeman. From regional airports to ground transportation, you’ll get exactly where you need to go. If you need assistance arranging transportation be sure to contact our office for guidance.

  • Airports

    The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is the closest airport to Ennis, MT. There are over 15 direct flights to Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. Carriers include Delta, American Airlines, Alaska, United/United Express, Frontier Airlines, and Allegiant Airlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below find our most frequently asked questions about Ennis & Madison Valley. Find more information on surrounding areas here.