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Yellowstone Vacation Guide

Visit the park that started it all! America’s first National Park welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly, all clambering to explore the vast wonder of the land. In addition to the magnificent landscape, a visit to Yellowstone isn’t complete without checking out local eateries, stores, and souvenir shops! All uniquely Yellowstone and representative of the great American wild west, you won’t want to miss out.

Plan Your Yellowstone Vacation

If you are interested in visiting the Yellowstone National Park, we have what you need all in one place. Browse our resources below and West Yellowstone vacation rentals to start planning your Montana dream vacation. If you need additional assistance please contact us, we are happy to assist you!

When to Visit Yellowstone NP

The best times to explore the park are before and after the summertime heat and crowds, typically April-May and September-November. Though springtime can be unpredictable in terms of whether the park is coming to life as the snow melts.

Summertime allows for more hikes and access to areas that are typically snow covered even well after wintertime ends. Note that summer nights are still cold in the park so be sure to pack warm gear too! Winter in Yellowstone is not for everyone, with high snowfall totals and low temperatures the park is still accesible however by snow cat and snowmobile.

West Yellowstone Weather

Greatly influenced by altitude, Yellowstone’s climate fluctuates from mountaintops to valley floors, so be sure to pack accordingly! Precipitation is variable though afternoon thunderstorms can be expected most often during the summer months. And be wary, snow can occur any month of the year but is most common between November and April with 150 inches (12.5 ft) annually surrounding Yellowstone Lake. Double that figure for higher elevations!

Traveling to Yellowstone National Park

There are many options when traveling to Yellowstone National Park. From regional airports to ground transportation, you’ll get exactly where you need to go. If you need assistance arranging transportation be sure to contact our office for guidance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below find our most frequently asked questions about Yellowstone. Find more information on surrounding areas here.

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  • Driving Options

    If you are considering driving be sure you have your vacation rentals exact address, contact us for more information. Or come visit us at the office, we can’t wait to meet you!

  • Ground Transportation

    Rental car services are recommended for travel to this location.