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Live TV Application Updates

Are you one of the many that have ditched the satellite or cable and have opted for streaming live TV on an app? Have you subscribed for Hulu Plus for your live TV option? If so, there has been an upgrade to the Hulu Plus with Live TV app, which will no longer display Live TV on older television models.

Please remember that some form of live TV is required per the Stay Montana management agreement to assure guest satisfaction.


Why Doesn’t Hulu with Live TV Work on All TVs?

There are two Hulu apps, the Classic and the newest version. If your TV is older, with a slower processor and/or doesn’t support HD streaming, it can’t support the larger, faster, and full HD new Hulu Live app. Your TV will likely display the error ‘Connection Disconnected’ and your guests will not be able to view live TV. This seems to be the most prevalent with standard Vizio TVs and on older Firesticks.


What Can I do to prevent error messages on my TV?

If you have an older Amazon Firestick or something similar, it is likely you will need to upgrade to the Fire TV Stick 4k (or to Roku Express 4k) that can handle the newly upgraded Hulu Live app. Other options include purchasing a new Smart TV that has a faster processer, or canceling the Hulu Live subscription and subscribing to another live TV application such as YouTube Live that doesn’t require such a large app.

We are here to assist with getting your TVs and apps logged in. Please email owners@staymontana.com with the type of live application you subscribed to, as well as the log in information so we can either set you up for the first time or log you back in if accidentally logged out.