Hiking is somewhat of a religion in Bozeman, Montana. Some do it for the exercise, others to find a place of solitude, many to grab the perfect Instagram worthy photo, and some because well, that’s just what you do if you’re around this kind of beauty for long enough. Whatever reason you love the outdoors we put together the shortlist of top hikes you can find near Bozeman.

The “M” Trail
Shared by everyone and their dog The “M” Trail in Bozeman is a local favorite. Carved out by Montana State University Students years ago the “M” marks the universities’ presence in the picturesque Bridger Canyon. Views and vistas from every step make this one of the most beautiful hikes in Southwest Montana. Short enough to do before or after work but long enough to feel like you accomplished something, the 3-mile trek will bring you Instagram worthy moments.

Drinking Horse Trail
Dusted with wildflowers throughout, Drinking Horse is a scenic 2.2-mile loop across the way from The “M” trail. For moderate hikers, this trek provides soaring views of Gallatin National Forest and Gallatin Valley. As with many trails in Bozeman, dogs are welcome. #DogGoals

Hyalite Creek Trail
Located south of Bozeman next to the beautiful hyalite reservoir this is Montana at its finest. Waterfalls, towering pines, and mammoth rock formations bring beauty in every step. The star of the show is located 10.5 miles up Hyalite Canyon; here you will find the glistening Hyalite Reservoir. A well-maintained trail throughout is perfect for beginner, novice or advanced hikers.